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TIM DENT MILIČIĆ is a renowned modern dental polyclinic with a 20-year long family tradition, which provides its patients with a highly professional service by using the state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials for aesthetic and implantology dentistry and prosthetics.

What makes our polyclinic different is that all procedures from specific branches of dentistry are performed by the corresponding specialists, which ensures the highest level of dental service for our patients.

By implementing the innovative methods of state-of-the-art technology, we installed over 20,000 dental implants with a lifetime warranty.

Because of the increasing number of patients who entrust us with their dental health, and the continuous expansion of workload, we have established our own dental laboratory.

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Do you want to regain a completely new smile in just one day?

ALL-ON-4 method (fixed prosthesis screwed onto 4 premium implants) is ideal for those people who have lost their teeth throughout the years, or whose remaining teeth are scheduled for extraction due to their current condition. In addition, it is an excellent solution for the patients with insufficient amount of bone base.
The first phase includes extractions, ridge modulations, installation of 4 premium implants with a lifetime warranty, and a provisional prosthesis.
The provisional prosthetic replacement enables the patient to speak and eat normally, and to resume their normal everyday activities immediately upon the installation of the implants.

After the necessary period of healing, i.e. coalescence of the implants with the bone (3-6 months post-installation), we continue with the prosthetic phase which includes the final prosthesis based on an individually milled structure and an aesthetic part made of pressed composite. All procedures are performed under local anesthesia and are completely painless.

We have successfully helped many patients to resolve their dental problems.
These are just some of the examples:

How to overcome the fear of the dentist?

When it comes to patients suffering from dental phobia or awaiting a long lasting comprehensive treatment, here at TIM DENT Polyclinic we have solved that issue by implementing conscious sedation. In the segment of conscious sedation, one gas particularly stands out, namely nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, whose application is currently flourishing in the world of dental medicine. This gas induces the sense of relaxedness, reduces emotional stress, pain perception and postoperative trauma.

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Our team

Tamara Žaja Miličić

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Dental Prosthetics Specialist

Marko Miličić

Doctor of Dental Medicine / Oral Surgery and Implantology Specialist

Zoran Miličić

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Viktorija Horvat Pilić

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Why choose All-on-4 procedure?

  • minimally invasive oral surgery procedure
  • reduced costs by avoiding invasive surgical procedures and comprehensive jaw augmentations,
  • extremely high success rate of the procedure and longevity of the prosthetic replacemen,
  • possibility of maintaining a high level of oral hygiene,
  • exceptionally fast postoperative recovery and top-quality aesthetic fixed prosthetic replacement within 24h.

Our examples of All-on-4

We ensure the highest level of dental service to our patients, because even the most complex procedures from specific dental branches are performed by the corresponding specialists. We specialise in the most demanding and complex procedures

Complete diagnostics

Thanks to our expert team of specialists, here at TIM DENT Polyclinic you can undergo complete diagnostics (RVG, 2D jaw x-ray scan, CT – 3D…), expert consultations and dental procedures all at one place.

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What contributes to our excellence?

  • patient care
  • specialisation
  • skill
  • excellence
  • technology
  • training

What do our patients say about us?

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